Brent Jones Young Life Open

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My life was dramatically impacted by Young Life. Hundreds of kids’ lives in our community are changed through the work of Young Life.

​​Brent's Story

​     If you had told me early in my life that one day I would help my team win Super Bowls, play in Pro Bowls, and earn various All-Pro honors, I wouldn’t have believed you. The fact is; I never thought about playing in the NFL.

       As a young person, my dream was to play professional baseball. In high school, I made first-team all-league on the diamond, but I was only a second string football player. It wasn’t until college that my football skills finally blossomed. My performance in college led to a spot on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster in 1986. After my first pro season, I wound up playing for the 49ers. And, as the saying goes, “the rest is history.”

        Despite the central role football has played in my life, sports has never been my top priority. Even as a high school student, I felt a significant void inside that no amount of success could fill. Through a group called Young Life, I learned that the only one who could fill that void was Jesus. Knowing Jesus has given my life meaning and purpose beyond anything my achievements on the football field or in the broadcasting booth can offer.


​A Little History

​The Young Life Open began in 1986 and took off from there! For 34 years we have put together a tournament for the purpose of raising funds to touch the lives of teenagers here in the San Jose. In 1992 we had the privilege of teaming up with Brent Jones and his passionate commitment to the mission of Young Life.

This tournament has proven to be one of our most enthusiastically supported events and a significant resource for the work of San Jose Young Life. For this year's tourney, we are at Almaden Golf & Country Club .  We would be honored to have you spend the day with us and feel quite certain that you will have a great experience and that you will feel like you have made a good investment of time and resources when you depart!

By accomplishing this, we will free up our staff and leaders to be able to spend more time with kids, while also allowing room for growth into new schools in San Jose. Your financial support helps make this a reality. ​

We are grateful for our Brent Jones Young Life Open Sponsors who generously support the work of San Jose Young Life.​



2019 Sponsors

  • Kevin & Gayla Compton
  • ELREPCO, INC - Cathy Smith
  • Brent & Dana Jones
  • Berliner Cohen
  • Jerry & Ruth Reiton
  • Pacific Bay Region - Young Life
  • Duane & Becky Andrews
  • Harold & Patricia Hester Charitable Foundation
  • ​Dave & Jean Davis
  • Tommy & Jenny Paine
  • Dan Barsanti
  • Ryan Laubach Family
  • Curt & Gracie Willson
  • DiSalvo Family Partnership
  • Doke Design - Dave Okun
  • Royal Coach Tours

  • The Table of Willow Glen
  • Golden State Brewery
  • Sun Graphics, Dave Farrar
  • Joseph George Wine - Drinks on course
  • Paine Financial, Scott Paine - Golf Balls
  • Aqui Restaurant
  • ​Yuki Sushi

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